Putting your VISION to work with SOLUTIONS that fit.


Monorail systems

Scalable and Modular


√ Built to your specification

√ Produced and installed by orignal Dunnewolt engineers

√ Control systems are reliable and proven in practice

√ Complete and scalable solutions for your laundry

Complete systems built to your specifications


From start to finish, we take care of every stage of the laundry process. Our customer’s wished and specific demands are all taken into account. The easy-of-use of our systems is well-known and highly valued by our customers throughout the world. While our user-training ensures smooth acceptance by our laundry operators. After all, it is people who work with the systems.

Full collaboration with the customer


As you are fully aware, no laundry system stands on its own. The type of linenoperation, the machinery used, and the building where the laundry operation takes place require a customized design. That’s why our policy is to have a close working relationship with our customers in order to determine the design from the first lines onwards.


We also take into consideration that the way of operation in each country differs, not only by law, but also from labor point of view. So it is of paramount importance that, together with our customers we achieve the most suitable logistic design. We take care of that, and more.

‘State-of-the-art’ control systems


Our ‘state-of-the-art’ control systems form a fundamental part of the installation and are extensively tested before commissioning. The control systems are also made in close collaboration with our customers. The connectivity of the control systems in a network guarantees optimum harmonization of each and every part in the production process, so stagnations and insufficient use of the system’s capacity are avoided. The advanced possibilities of our control systems feature an additional saving in labour capacity and an enhanced production load. Effectiveness is the keyword here! Our control system guarantee a truly efficient usage of the installation.


Our control system allow the operators to manage the logistical flow directly with user-friendly control touch terminals which are added to a network. This enables operators to be directly involved in the laundry process. More than twenty years of experience and the added know-how of all of our customers worldwide have given us unparalleled expertise in the field of logistic systems. No matter how large or complex.

Sorting systemen

Modular and reliable


√ Sorting out multiple customers in one sorting bin

√ Combining small batches together at a customerchange

√ Scalable solutions for multiple groups of sorting bins

√ Multiple sorting templates

√ Reliable and secure data recording and storage

√ Generating production statistics

Sorting bins


For medium to large companies which have a lot of different kind of articles often sorting bins will be used. With this system, the linen is sorted out directly into stainless steel bins which are opened automatically after the set weight is reached or the quantity is reached. The laundry is transported on a belt conveyor, which is positioned under or behind the sorting bins, into an empty bagcontainer. In time, this means that after about 8 seconds the sorting bin is emptied and can be used again for sorting out the linen.


The benefits for you at a glance:

√ Suitable for large volumes with a lot of different kind of articles

√ Maximum number of sorting positions per sorter

√ Maximum continuity by short discharge time of the sorting bins

√ Clear visualization of weight, article, status, etc.

√ Automatic loading of one or more sorting position (automatic passage)




To give the user a clear overview in which sorting bin which article must be sorted out, several displays are placed at the sorting bins. Depending on the setup, one display per one or two sorting bins is placed. Plain and simple. The displays show very clearly per sorting bin:


√ Position number

√ Weight and set weight

√ Article and customer

√ Colorindication for weight and status

Tables and templates


In order to make the use of the sorting bins as user-friendly as possible, tables and templates are used. The tables consist of an article table and a customer table. In these tables per article and customer data can be entered which will be used throughout the whole installation. The sorting templates can be filled in according to your own requirements. You can create for one customer one or more sorting templates. Each sorting template links an article to each sorting bin. Once the sorting templates are set up, its use is simple and fast.


And of course you have more advantages:

√ Sorting out multiple customers in one sorting bin

√ Combining small batches at a custmer change

√ Scalable solutions for multiple groups of sorting bins

√ Clear overview on the screen

√ Generating production statistics

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